Here a brief summary of key information in English. In short, VJSM is a non-profit organization which aims to promote hunting and competing with bow regardless of genre (traditional/compound etc). We maintain for our members a 3D archery range which is one of the ranges in the national bowhunter associations cup range. Also, for our members we provide presently indoor range in city of Parainen. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.



Chairman: Petri Vainikainen [English OK]
Gsm: 0400-4509-68
E-mail: puheenjohtaja.vsjm [at] gmail.com

Vice chairman: Risto Tikka
Gsm: 040-5347-775
E-mail: vsjm.varapj [at] gmail.com

Secretary: Olli Wirén [English OK]
Gsm: 050 3311-022
E-mail: sihteeri.vsjm [at] gmail.com

SJML Tutor: Jere Vilkkinen
Gsm: 044-02-01208
Email: vilkkinen [at] dnainternet.net

3D track master: Olavi Pennanen [English OK]
Gsm:  044-9731-155
Email: ollipen73 [at] gmail.com

Hunting guide: Aleksi Ahlqvist

Gsm:  041-5446-261
Email: ahlqvist.a [at] gmail.com

Member secretary: Henri Lehtiö
Gsm: 045-1495-643
E-mail: jasenvastaava.vsjm [at] gmail.com

3D track | V-S Jousimetsästäjät

VSJM 3D track is located in Lemu in Tammilehdontie. Driving to track needs to be done carefully, there are kids and animals on the road. More information from Olavi Pennanen.

Cave @ Parainen | V-S Jousimetsästäjät

There is winter proof training track in city of Parainen. Please ask Petri Vainikainen on how to train there.

Scheduled events

20.5.2016: VSJM internal bow hunting competition at 3D track.

5.6.2016: VSJM internal bow hunting competition at 3D track 17:00 onwards.

10.7 2016: Lounais Cup at VSJM 3D track.

24.7.2016: VSJM internal bow hunting competition at 3D track 17:00 onwards.

10.9.2016: Group hunting in municipality of Mynämäki. Assembly at 08:00 in address Mustassuontie 22, Mynämäki. More information of Aleksi Ahlqvist.

2.12.2016: Low light competition at 18:00 on VSJM 3D track

8.4.2017: Finnish hunting association & VSJM bowhunting training in Lemu – more information later.

7.5.2017 Koppelokierros Vol.1. Assemble at the 3D track fireplace @ 16:00, competition starts at17:00.

Please do check our Facebook pages for most up to date information on scheduled events and do ask if needed. There may be more up to date information on events in our mailing list and on the Finnish pages, apologizes of inconvenience.